Feel your health slipping?

Want to find out why and what you can do about it?

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We can help you feel good again!

By administering a standard proprietary test using one drop of blood through a live microscopy scan.  Catch up on Microscopy here.

With this one simple test from our partner, I See Health Solutions, we can determine your overall health on a cellular level.  Cellular health is the fundamental root to overall health and fitness.

The results tell your story and could imply various culprits:

  • general nutritional deficiencies
  • enzyme deficiencies
  • chronic inflammation
  • chronic dehydration/water mal-absorption
  • possible chronic infection
  • leaky gut syndrome

After discovering a baseline, a custom detailed report will be provided and sent just a few short weeks after your health scope exam.

The medical team from I See Health Solutions will follow up via email with your results.  IHC will recommend a suitable health care regimen and a lot of encouragement for months to come.

What else do we offer to Clients?

 We will help get you to an optimal cellular health!

We offer common health advice for nutrition and lifestyle including feasible exercise suggestions.

We also recommend whole food and nutritional supplements, better hydration methods, enzymes, probiotics, oils, and cleanses/detoxification protocols and methods to use electronic devices.

(We only recommend trusted and personally used companies.)

We also offer follow ups with an additional health scope and extended monitoring, so that you are living a healthy cellular lifestyle.

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Client Reviews

“After several months of dietary, nutritional, and encouragement from Susan, I’m seeing amazing results. I feel better everyday and feel more empowered to continue changing those old bad habits into better lifestyle changes. ”  Brandy M.