Susan Clinton is a physician, trained in Internal Medicine who has newly devoted her life to healthy living.

After a series of family tragedies involving cancer, heart disease, and chronic infections, she was inspired by the concept of providing a visual benchmark of cellular health to help promote wellness before disease becomes readily apparent or too late to treat.

Although Susan lived a ‘typical’ healthy life by healthy eating and exercise, she has discovered more and better ways to live your best health.

Susan partnered with I See Health Solutions LLC for their ground-breaking approach of diagnosing cellular health to the general population.  “It’s a brilliant way of promoting preventative medicine with unmistakable patient compliance for a healthy lifestyle.”

Susan believes many aspects are vital to promoting cellular health and overall well being.  They include good nutrition, hydration, detoxification, enzyme supplementation, probiotics, antioxidants, and toxin removal (including protection from EMR).

Learn more about these combinations for an ultimate cellular healthy lifestyle here.

Not only does Susan partner with prestigious companies to provide healthy supplements and essential oils, her expertise is microscopy.

Susan provides consultations and microscopy services to find your personal health regimen.  See more about microscopy and exactly how Susan can help you live your ultimate healthy lifestyle.