There is a system of neurotransmitters in the brain as well as the gut called the Endocannibinoid System.  Historically people met these pathways needs with the use of hemp and hemp seeds.

Hemp was a mainstay in paper production, rope production, clothes, medicine and food for thousands of years.  This was phased out in the 1930s with industrialization and the production of synthetic materials based on petroleum or petroleum byproducts.

For instance, nylon replaced hemp.  Even though it was vastly inferior, due to special interests there was a monetary gain for big corporations.  Pharmaceutical drugs with a petroleum base replaced hemp oil which had been used for thousands of years.

Finally most paper was made by hemp.  It’s fast growing and environmentally beneficial.  But because corporate interest benefitted more from the harvesting of trees, the laws made cannabis illegal in the late 1930’s.

Now, most benefit from the petroleum based business, pharmaceutical, and timber industries who are influenced and lobbied government interests.  Meanwhile humanity became deficient in endocannibinoids which in turn caused a vast increase in cardiovascular disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases, immune dysfunction, and neurological disease.

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FINAL COMPANY STATEMENT: “Medical Marijuana, Inc. is pleased to announce that the DEA Federal Registry amendment to create a new code for ‘marijuana extracts,’ in no way affects the Company’s hemp oil, containing naturally occurring cannabinoids, including CBD, or its operations. Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO Dr. Stuart Titus said. “In the past, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has conclusively held that hemp products, such as those marketed by the Company, which are derived from the part of the Cannabis plant which is exempt from the Controlled Substances Act, is legal for import from Europe. In the Ninth Circuit case that served to uphold the legality of the Company’s products, the Court struck rules that had been promulgated by the DEA that would have made the Company’s products a scheduled substance and the Court permanently enjoined the DEA from enforcing the stricken rules. There has been no superseding ruling since the Ninth Circuit’s decision. Therefore, the Company’s products continue to be legal and are not controlled substances. Accordingly, the legality of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s products remains unchanged in light of this new Federal Registry. Further, our Company considers the development a major market opportunity, as we have analyzed and followed the chain of custody of our products from inception to ensure that they are derived from the exempt parts of the Cannabis plant and are therefore not controlled substances.”

The Endocannibinoid System & CBD oil

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