Start off the new year with the Gia Fit Challenge!  Apply and get the Cleanse, Ithrive, Curb, Lean, with the single file aligned  i water .

Do a before picture and measurements and state your goal.

Get your products here and before January 20,1016 to enter contest.  $1700 prizes available for winners.  In March show an after picture with new measurement and testimonials.  Enter to win.

I have been using the cleanse and i thrive for a week to detox and I added the lean shake as a meal replacement when I get too busy or indecisive about what I want to eat. I have used Lean four times. I have had a burst of energy and stamina that allows me to run 6 miles and still have reserve to do more-To tackle tasks and to think clearly solving problems.  I have a happiness too that I have noticed since I have added these three products to my regimen.  I have been drinking the i water for two and a half months and this has been a big leap in my own personal health reflected in my energy levels as well as my microscopy.  NO more clumped blood so I am oxygenating my cells more efficiently.  I don’t have to drink as much water because its more efficiently absorbed.  My supplements are more absorbed and I am more effectively detoxifying.

Every day I learn and read and add something new to my regimen.

Gia Fit Challenge

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