Although there are many aspects to living a healthy cellular lifestyle, it’s not complicated.  Anyone can follow these and find their ultimate health.

Beyond eating a balanced diet, decrease intake of toxins by avoiding processed foods, GMO’s, and pesticides.

Good whole food supplements are a necessity to reduce the toxic load the body has to process.  These supplements are carefully crafted in appropriate doses are essential for cellular health.  There are 62 minerals 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids and 2 essential fatty acids necessary for cellular and overall health.

As one gets older they do not produce as many enzymes to digest food that the body can use.

So there is a build up of proteins, sugars, and fats seen in Healthscope that decrease the blood circulation through the capillaries.  These also trigger chronic inflammation that could result in allergies and long term chronic disease.  Since 80% if immunity is in the gut, healthy gut flora is essential for good cellular health.

A good probiotic with an optimal delivery system is important (need to have at least 12 billion cfu/day).  Good bacteria provide a protection from leaky gut syndrome where bad bacteria and yeast can transgress the gut to the bloodstream also causing chronic inflammation.

Detoxification with antioxidants in essential oils help the liver, kidneys, and colon detoxify and eliminate toxins and wastes from the body.

Hydration is essential to the maximum performance of each cell and water structured in a single file pattern from the patented MRET technology better facilitates the hydration, absorption of water soluble nutrients, and detoxification of the intracellular wastes.

Finally one needs to protect the bio field which is the first line defense of the immune system.

Cell phones, wifi, laptops/desktops, electronic appliances, cordless phones, Cell towers, power lines all provide electro pollution or bad electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that is toxic to our bio field.

Blood microscopy shows a negative impact of the blood sample after 15 minutes on the cellphone very similar to the effects of smoking.

EMR is invisible but it is causing a lot of oxidative stress on the body.  Cell guards (for phones), universal guards (for appliances, electronics, routers) can change dangerous EMR to neutral frequencies by the same MRET technology that restructures the water to a single file structure.

Living a Healthy Cellular Lifestyle

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