Not all Probiotics are created equally…most Probiotics (even refrigerated ones) are 94-96% destroyed in the stomach acid, meaning only 4-6% of of the probiotics actually make it “alive” to the small & large intestine, where they’re needed. Our Pro Bio is protected by a patented vacuum-sealed double walled delivery system called bio tract, which doesn’t even begin releasing the probiotics until it reaches the alkaline environment of the small intestine. Fully 60 to 70% of the probiotics arrive intact and alive in the colon, making it 15X more bioavailable.  Additionally, the probiotics are released in order of where they are most beneficial, with the microbes best suited to the small intestine being released first and the ones best suited for the large intestine being released last. I work ProBio also contains Wellmune, a prebiotic which feeds the beneficial bacteria and is clinically proven to safely enhance your immune system, reducing the frequency and duration of colds and flu.

Purchase the Vitality Stack

I really recommend the “Vitality Stack” (which saves you $29 and gives you free shipping), especially if you’re already taking (or are thinking about taking) Probiotics &/or Omega 3’s. The Vitality Stack includes both Protandim’s (Nrf2 for Cellular stress/oxidative stress and NRF1 for cellular energy/mitochondrial health). Mitochondrial dysfunction is at the root cause of aging and it’s caused by Oxidative Stress. It also includes a high quality, purified Omega 3 with Omega 7 that’s protected from oxidation and can be traced right back to the very boat it was harvested from.  It also includes ProBio, which gets 15X more beneficial gut microbes to the colon than any other probiotic on the market. ProBio also includes Wellmune for immune support. The Vitality Stack saves you money on product & shipping, and is a 1-2-3-4 Power punch for cellular health and anti-aging.


Omega+ is pure omega-3 fatty acids rich in DHA and EPA from Norwegian Cod, omega-7 fatty acids from Alaskan Pollock, and Vitamin D3, which most Americans are deficient in. For optimal brain health, DHA is critical (and most Omega‘s have more EPA than DHA or at best a one to one ratio of DHA to EPA because it’s less expensive). Omega+ has a 3 to 1 ratio of DHA to EPA for Optimal brain and eye health. (Plant based Omega’s just don’t have enough DHA or Omega 7s and have more Omega 6, which we already get too much of). Also, most of the fish oil based omegas out there “taste awful” because fish oil exposed to air oxidizes (!!) and what you’re tasting is literally “rancid fish oil“.  Omega+ is protected from oxidation and is so good you can literally open up the capsule and put in your mouth and it tastes amazing.

ProBio and Omega

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