Protandim NF2 and Lyme Disease

Featured Guest with Chronic Lyme Disease and Reversal of Clinical Symptoms using NF2 to Reduce Oxidative Stress by 40%

She reduced her supplements for over 30 to about five.  NF2 is only one pill a day

Protandim NF2 and Lyme Disease

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    1. Hi Alan,

      I also have lyme and coinfections and this was instrumental in gaining remission. I have a group on facebook that addresses what I did to acheive this as well. This is my 12 step group

      Do you have a facebook account. You can join my group
      This is an educational group run by doctors and other health professionals and I tag you in a few posts so you can look around and learn at your own pace and ask questions. Sound good?

      If you are ready to order this is my link

      I really recommend the “Vitality Stack” (which saves you $29 and gives you free shipping), especially if you’re already taking (or are thinking about taking) Probiotics &/or Omega 3’s. The Vitality Stack includes both Protandim’s (Nrf2 for Cellular stress/oxidative stress and NRF1 for cellular energy/mitochondrial health). Mitochondrial dysfunction is at the root cause of aging and it’s caused by Oxidative Stress. It also includes a high quality, purified Omega 3 with Omega 7 that’s protected from oxidation and can be traced right back to the very boat it was harvested from. It also includes ProBio, which gets 15X more beneficial gut microbes to the colon than any other probiotic on the market. ProBio also includes Wellmune for immune support. The Vitality Stack saves you money on product & shipping, and is a 1-2-3-4 Power punch for cellular health and anti-aging.

      you can just start with nrf2 but there is a shipping charge.

      Either way make sure you give it at least 4 to 6 months because while Oxidative Stress is reduced 40% in 30 days, Glutathione is up regulated 300% after four months so you want to see what your body can do once Glutathione is in full effect “taking out all the trash” so to speak.

      If you would like to discuss more in person call 7579037205. i respond to texts within 24 hours as my email gets a lot of junk.

      Susan Clinton

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