Soul is a synergistic combination of organically sourced seed oils that has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect 280% time aspirin. Soul also kills cancer stem cells.  Soul has black cumin seed oil, grape chardonnay seed oil, black rasperry seed oil, and D ribose sourced from organic corn seeds.

To learn more about the unique qualities of SOUL

Soul has also applied to helping the root cause of Lyme Disease

Soul was featured in the Truth About Cancer Series in Episode 8

Live Blood Analysis showing the power of Soul from another microscopist

I added this recently to look at my clients blood combined with Iwater for amazing results within an hour of taking Soul with I-water

Another rain product is core which detoxifies heavy metals, toxin, die off from bacteria and fungi, and byproducts of metabolism.

To buy Soul, Core, or seed infused organically source coffee click the link below

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